In early March, members will start receiving emails inviting them to renew their membership. Further reminders will be sent on 22 March and 29 March for those still to renew (or who haven’t told us they aren’t renewing).

This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to answer questions members might have:

Your online member account

Membership data of all Gardens members is maintained online by a company called Membermojo Limited which ensures your data is secure and protected – the first step to renewing your membership to to log into this account using the link in your renewal email or this link. (you don’t need a password, simply the email at which you receive weekly Gardens’ newsletters).

If you’ve deleted your renewal email then click the orange button below to access your account 

I can’t log in – help!

In the unlikely event that you can’t access your member account (e.g. you no longer have access to, or have forgotten, the email address you used to join us) please email and we can amend your email of record and generate a new log in invite.

What are the key things to remember when renewing?

  1. The first step is to confirm your renewal via your online account. It’s important that you check and confirm your personal details and confirm you accept the Terms of Membership;
  2. Next consider entering the Club’s Annual Tournament (late April to July each year) – you can do this later but the Men’s competitions are likely to start in late April so avoid disappointment and do it now;
  3. After renewing you will be given the chance to add linked members (U16 children…do not link adults or your children aged 16 or older);
  4. Finally you will be taken to the payment page and asked to select one of the two offline payment methods (see Payment Methods) – Direct Debit preferred!

Payment Methods

We accept bank transfers (details will be provided on the payment page) BUT we’d prefer payment via Direct Debit so please select that method. Where we have a mandate for you already we’ll use it but if we don’t we’ll email you with a link to set one up.

There is more than one member in our household – can we use the same Direct Debit?

Yes – if two adults both give a DD mandate to the club we will charge you separately using the individual DD mandates (each of you will receive an email from our partner, GoCardless, to alert you) BUT if two adult members (or an adult and a 17 year old member) have selected Direct Debit as the payment method and we only have one mandate we will attempt to debit the total cost using the one mandate we have. Any concerns or questions email the Treasurer.

Why don’t you accept PayPal anymore?

PayPal is quite expensive for the club (3%) and so we offered a discount for non-PayPal payments last year but this created confusion for the vast majority of members who renew by bank transfer or DD so we’ve simplified matters by removing this option altogether.

Why do I keep getting email reminders to renew?

MemberMojo sends automated renewal emails 28 days, 9 days and 2 days before expiry of your membership on 31 March so if you keep getting them it must be due to the fact you haven’t renewed correctly. Please log in and complete the process – it’s not enough to make a bank transfer.