Welcome back to playing tennis and to the fabulous new court surfaces. The times are unusual, to say the least, and while we want everybody to enjoy being back on court, we must understand that things are NOT back to normal.

The government has issued strict guidelines, which the LTA has adapted for clubs like ours to allow safe play. Please familiarise yourselves with these and those things specific to our situation at the Gardens, below.

We want all our members to benefit from playing tennis, but this must be done within well-defined guidelines.  As time goes by, things may get easier and the guidelines less stringent, but for now here is a reminder of what we can and cannot do.

  1. DO NOT come to the club if you HAVE NOT booked a court*: We’d love to see you but less congestion reduces the chances of infection.
  2. ONLY book 2 HOURS every 3 DAYS: This gives everyone a chance to book a court.
  3. You CANNOT book consecutive hours in your name. This gives others a chance to book.
  4. DO NOT double book / make back-to-back bookings with your friends.
  5. If the court YOU ARE ON is free at the end of your booking, then YOU CAN continue playing until someone books that court: That is a good thing
  6. You CANNOT switch to an empty court: Refer to rule 4
  7. If you have received a letter from the Government to shield, we strongly recommend that you do: It is not only good for you but VITAL TO PRESERVE NHS RESOURCES. Shielded people who go into hospital require up to 4 times the amount of resources as non- shielded patients.
  8. No guests and no spectators
  9. Hours – 08:00 until 21:00. The booking system has only been set up for this time and no play before 8:00 in the morning or after the lights switch off at night.

The club wants everyone to feel safe and enjoy their tennis, so please stick to the rules.

The situation is under constant review and any changes will be published here and circulated to members via email.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact the Tennis Sub Committee.

New Members – you will receive details for the club booking system once you have completed the membership process. Social sessions are now running on Sunday afternoons, please contact Tennis Sub Committee for more information.