The 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 17 August 2020 online via Zoom starting at 8pm. This page is where you can access the AGM 2019 draft minutes, 2019 financials and the full notice sent to shareholders including the Agenda…

AGM Notice sent to shareholders (including Committee nomination form): Notice of 2020 AGM vF

The draft copy of the minutes of the AGM 2019: 2019 AGM Minutes vDraft

Audited Financial Statement for 2019 (Unsigned): GLTC Audited Accounts 2019 for signature

Membership report for 2019/20: Link to follow

Agenda item #6 – tracked changes of Rules 9 and 10 to be voted on as a Special Resolution: GLTC Rules (2020 – TRACKED) vF

Commentary from nominated candidates for Facilities Manager and Member without Portfolio: GLTC 2020 AGM nominations

As the meeting will involve a number of votes it is necessary for you to register for the online ‘Zoom’ webinar using this link = (you can do this anytime before Monday and you’ll be sent an email with a unique link – please don’t share!) 


  1. To approve the minutes of the 2019 AGM (a copy of these can be found on the website:
  2. To approve the Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2019
  3. Review of the year from selected Officers and members of the Committee;
  4. Clubhouse development update (by Charlie Donald on behalf of DEVCOM2);
  5. To elect Officers of the Club;
  6. To elect members of the Management Committee;
  7. To pass the following special resolution:

THAT the Rules of the Club be amended as follows:

Rule 9

At the end, add the following new paragraphs:

‘9.10.    Without prejudice to the other Rules, the Committee may provide for proxy voting arrangements on resolutions put to a General Meeting on such terms and by such means as the Committee may decide provided that details of such proxy voting arrangements are incorporated in, or otherwise accompany, the notice of such General Meeting.

9.11.     To facilitate the organisation and administration of any General Meeting, the Committee may declare that the meeting shall be held at two or more locations (such meeting, being a “Virtual General Meeting”).

9.12.     For the purposes of these Rules, a Virtual General Meeting shall be treated as taking place where the Chairman of the meeting presides (the “principal meeting place”).

9.13.     A member present in person or by proxy at a Virtual General Meeting may be counted in the quorum and may exercise all rights (including those of any proxy granted to them) that they would have been able to exercise if they were present at the principal meeting place.

9.14.     The Committee may make and change from time to time such arrangements as it shall in its absolute discretion consider appropriate to:

9.14.1.  Ensure that all members and proxies for members wishing to attend the meeting can do so;

9.14.2.  Ensure that all persons attending the meeting are able to participate in the business of the meeting and see and hear anyone else addressing the meeting;

9.14.3.  Ensure the safety of persons attending the meeting and the orderly conduct of the meeting; and

9.14.4.  Restrict the number of members and proxies at any one location to such number as can safely and conveniently be accommodated there,

and the entitlement of any member or proxy to attend a Virtual General Meeting shall be subject to any such arrangements then in force and stated by the notice of meeting or adjourned meeting to apply to the meeting.

9.15.     If there is a failure of communication equipment or any other failure in the arrangements for participation in the meeting at more than one place, then the Chairman of the meeting may adjourn the meeting to such other day and at such time and place, or be dissolved, as the Committee shall determine. Such adjournment shall not affect the validity of such meeting, or any business conducted at such meeting, or any action taken pursuant to such meeting.’

Rule 10, paragraph 10.3.1, second sentence

Delete ‘or, if earlier, 28 February in the applicable year’

Rule 10, paragraph 10.4.1, second sentence

Delete ‘or, if earlier, 28 February in the applicable year’

Rule 10, paragraph 10.5.1, second sentence

Delete ‘or, if earlier, 28 February in the applicable year’

  1. Any Other Business

Note to resolution 6:

A tracked changes version of the Club’s Rules showing the proposed changes can be found on the website

The proposed changes facilitate the holding of a virtual general meeting.  Whilst Government legislation allows the Club to hold the 2020 AGM virtually notwithstanding the absence of express provision for the Club to do so in its Rules, the Committee consider it sensible to include provisions enabling the Club to hold its AGM (or any other general meeting) virtually given the potential prospect of COVID-19 disrupting the Club’s 2021 AGM.

The changes also facilitate proxy voting at general meetings and also make changes in connection with the holding of the AGM after the start of a new membership year.  The Committee believes having the flexibility to hold AGMs after the start of a new membership year is important as it enables new members to put themselves forward for Committee roles.